Infrastructure & Services

Excellent Infrastructure

Kendal Industrial Park offers a complete manufacturing environment equipped with international standard infrastructure and supporting amenities to take care of your business

The planned capacities for the 860ha development are:

Power 660 MW
Treated Water
24,000 CMD
Sewerage Treatment 20,000 CMD

MW: megawatts, CMD: cubic metres per day

Options for quick startup or large land plots for scaleability

Ready-built Factories Supporting Industrial Building (SIB)(168m2/unit)
Terraced factory (430m2/unit)
Semi Detached Factory (1000m2/unit)
Shop Houses Type 1: 54m2
Type 2: 72m2
Type 3: 90m2
Prepared Land Plots for Custom-built Factories From 1 ha

m2/unit: square metres per unit, ha: hectare