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Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world with more than seventeen thousand islands with a population of 280 million people. Indonesia is also the country with the 4th largest population in the world. With this amount, Indonesia has a large domestic market potential and is supported by large investment opportunities. According to the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), during January-December 2023, Indonesia's investment realization reached IDR. 1,418.9 trillion or grew 17.5% from the previous year. Almost half of the total investment is located in Java (49.4%) and the rest is outside Java.

Java is the main and most developed island where most of Indonesia's population lives and most of the business activities and government centers are located. Central Java is one of the best provinces in Indonesia which experiences significant growth every year. Central Java itself is increasingly becoming an attractive investment location with the support of easy mobility and logistics facilities which are now connected along the roads of Java Island. With the existence of the Trans Java Toll Road, Central Java has now become a logistics hub for the western side of Java (as the economic center of Java Island) and also for the eastern side of Java (as the exit gate to the Eastern Indonesia market). This is the reason many investors are interested in investing in Central Java.

Central Java itself is the 4th largest contributor to the economy in Indonesia with positive economic growth every year. In 2023, Central Java's GRDP grow by 4.98%. Central Java's greatest growth is driven by the Manufacturing, Trade, Agriculture, and Construction sectors. The development of the regional economy certainly cannot be separated from the growth in investment value in Central Java, including Domestic Direct Investment (DDI) and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).