Government of Central Java Targets Kendal Industrial Park for Future Success

July 07, 2020

Kendal Industrial Park, one of industrial park at Java, is being targeted by government of Central Java to boost the economic growth in the province. Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, said that KendalIndustrial Park can become the role model for Central Java industrial estate as the industrial zone also offer living spaces and communal activities for the people. Through his speech on the beginning of 2020 at his office, Ganjar said that Kendal Industrial Park can be the representative and example to other Central Java industrial park for good planning, promising investments, and cost-efficient constructions on the area (source: ANTARA).

Being developed by two big industrial estate companies, PT Jababeka Tbk and Sembcorp Development Indonesia Pte. Ltd., Kendal Industrial Park started with the master plan of phase I, including: ready built factory, logistic hub, building material, fashion city, poltythechnic, town square, dormitories and housing, furniture hub, arcade by the bay, and golf course. It aims to be completed by the end of 2020. In addition, there is a plan of new international Kendal Seaport development which will be targeted finishing in 2021.

With these first complete package of an industrial park at Java, Kendal Industrial Park has attracted at least 62 companies with investors coming from Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Singapore, and Japan. The investment value is around 9,6 trillion rupiahs. This investment can be also meant job vacancies for more than 14,800 people’s. Responding the potential economic values from Kendal Industrial Park to Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo promised to support all investors with availability of loans, enormous work forces, and the permit easiness to doing the business on Central Java industrial estate.

Furthermore, based on the data from Ministry of Industry, Kendal Industrial Park (KIP) is succeed developing cost-efficient construction buildings. As a Central Java industrial Park, KIP has methods to provide ready to use buildings using technologies and infrastructure which will optimize the existing resources. As a unite huge industrial area, KIP will be able to perform itself as a new city that can support other neighboring areas.

At last, the future success from the development of Kendal Industrial Park is inevitable. As a promising industrial park at Java, KIP is believed can boost local economies, create jobs directly and indirectly, initiate new markets, and potentially contribute to national economic growth. Ganjar Pranowo himself, as a Central Java governor, is positively sure on these bright future of Kendal Industrial Park (source: ANTARA).