Creative Innovation in Kendal Industrial Park Potentially Increases National Furniture Export

June 25, 2020

Indonesia Ministry of Industry has supported Kendal Industrial Park (KIP), Central Java Industrial Park, to build Furniture Industry and Wood Processing Polytechnic. On the ministry website, it is written that this academic institution can help the industry to create more creativity and innovation to design products which will be able to increase national furniture export in the future. The academia environment is hoped to answer the challenge of furniture industry development and market trend. 

President Director & CEO of Kendal Industrial Park, Stanley Ang, agreed on the target set by the ministry. He added, education system in the polytechnic is planned to be 70% practice and 30% theory. This approach (which are implemented from Swiss polytechnic) will be able to create graduates that can compete on the market globally, especially on the industry 4.0 era (source: Bisnis Indonesia). On the government side, the industry ministry is determined to keep improving furniture export performance from Indonesia to several countries. Furniture industry in one of the leading business sectors in Indonesia as it creates many job markets and export-oriented natures. 

Stanley explained, as the new industrial park in Indonesia, KIP promised to meet the target from ministry to produced skilled and innovative workforce on improving competitiveness locally and globally (source: Bisnis Indonesia). KIP will support the government on optimizing national furniture industry potential through skillful furniture industry human resources from Furniture Industry Polytechnic. Not only improves the workforces, Indonesia government also attempts to optimize some policies, such as production technical guidance program, Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK), promotion and market access development to improve national furniture export.

Based on Indonesia Statistics Central Agency, Central Java contributes more than 50% of total national furniture export as furniture industry is the main business there. Added with the support from Central Java industrial estate through the development of Kendal Industrial Park, there is high chance to increase national export target up to US$5 billion and set new jobs for more than 100,000 people in the future.