Regent Kendal Officialy Inaugurates the Ministry of Interest in Port Tanjung Kendal

October 16, 2019

Diskominfo Kendal - 10/16/2019 - 15:34 WIB

Kendal- Kendal Regent, dr. Mirna Annisa, M.Sc., inaugurated the Trade Pier at the Tanjung Kendal Port, Central Java, Wednesday (10/16/2019). Also present at the event were Regional Secretary Kendal, H. Moh Toha, S.T., M.Sc, Head of the KSOP Class I Tanjung Emas Office in Semarang, Ahmad Wahid, and the Head of Transportation of Central Java Province, Ir. Satriyo Hidayat.

Also present were the Central Java Regional Police Chief of Police, AKBP Ferry Sandy Sitepu, and representatives from the Indonesian Navy Base, the related OPD Coconut, the Expert Staff of the Regent and Assistant Secretary of the Kendal Regional Secretariat, Forkopimda, the Chairperson of the Kendal H. Mauhammad Makmun and members, and the Association of Associates Port.

In his remarks, Head of the KSOP Office Ahmad Wahid conveyed that Kendal Pier actually wanted to be operated in 2017, but the status was still being carried by the Tanjung Mas Region in Semarang, but with a change in the structure of the use of the port with the issuance of the Minister of Transportation (PM) Regulation No. These 432 Kendal ports are the National Port Master Plan, which is for operating permits through the Governor, and only came out on September 4, 2019.

Ahmad Wahid added, the issuance of a permit from the Governor of Central Java, he directly coordinated with the Head of the Transportation Department of Central Java Province and the Central Java Regional Economic Assistant, also to the Kendal Regency Government, and finally all agreed to operate the Commercial Pier at the Kendal Regency Port.

"We also convey, in accordance with the direction of the Governor of Central Java through the Central Java Regional Economic Assistant, that the Kendal Port will be developed into an International Port, whereas in Kendal there is already an industrial area which will turn into an economic zone. Therefore, the Kendal Port has tremendous potential, "said the Head of the KSOP Class I Tanjung Emas Semarang Office.

While the Central Java Kadishub, Ir. Satriyo said that the construction of the Kendal Port began in 2004 in collaboration with the Central Government, Central Java and Kendal, and he felt proud because the three regents in Kendal were very consistent in developing Kendal Port.

Satriyo explained, at that time, to develop the port there were three choices, namely in Jepara, Semarang and in Kendal, but the privilege in Kendal was behind the port there was empty and wide land, so that it could be used as an intelligence industry, which eventually chose in Kendal Regency.

He hoped that this inauguration could make Kendal Harbor become bigger. "My hope with this inauguration is to be able to stir our emotions to continue to encourage the government to realize a bigger port in Kendal Port," he hoped.

Meanwhile, Regent Mirna said, hopefully with the Port of Tanjung Kendal this could bring a good climate capable of increasing economic growth as desired by state leaders, namely to bring progress to Indonesia, especially in Central Java.

The Kendal Regent also said that he had high hopes with the existence of the Tanjung Kendal Port which was operational, especially after the inauguration of the Commercial Pier. "After the inauguration, there are indeed concrete steps that have been continuously carried out by the government, be it Regional, Provincial or Central Government, so that it is not only inaugurated in a slogan, but its benefits must really be maximally not for one interest but for the common interest, especially for the welfare of the people of Central Java, especially Kendal Regency, "he said.

Regent Mirna revealed that the Kendal District Government's support for the existence of the Tanjung Kendal Port was very high, and his hopes would have a positive impact that would be able to increase economic growth in Kendal

At the end of the event, the Regent of Mirna inaugurated the Pier of Commerce by pouring water in a jug to the ship's berth.