Fiber Optic Factory Worth IDR 1 Trillion Built in Kendal

March 21, 2019

Aprillia Ika - 03/21/2019, 13:41 WIB

SEMARANG, - An integrated fiber optic factory worth Rp 1 trillion began to be built in the Kendal Industrial Estate (KIK) in Central Java.

If the building is finished, the plant will produce 10.5 kilometers of fiber optic fiber per year, fiber optic cables reach 6 kilometers per year.

Furthermore, the factory also produces underwater optical cables (Fiber Optic Cable Submarine) reaching 10,000 kilometers and an optimal distribution network reaching 4 million dollars per year. "The fiber optic factory in KIK Kendal presents the latest technology to meet the needs of the local and export markets," said President Director of PT Maju Bersama Gemilang (MBG), Frank Wu on the sidelines of laying the foundation stone for the factory construction on Thursday (3/21/2019).

Frank explained, the construction of factories in the country to support government policies to increase local components in the country.

In building factories, the company cooperates with local capital structures and experienced foreign parties. It hopes that there will be technology transfer and knowledge from the factory building process.

Frank explained, the investment of Rp 1 trillion in the form of land, buildings, machinery and technology. It is planned that the entire building will be completed within 4 years.

"The construction of optical fiber is part of the commitment to support the development of telecommunications infrastructure in Indonesia," he said.
Frank explained, with the production capacity, the plant would become the largest Fiber Optic Cable system in Southeast Asia.
On the same occasion, Director of PT MBG Akmal Fauzi explained, the factory was built on a 6 hectare KIK land. The first phase of building will be completed by the end of 2019.

While other supporting buildings will be completed within 4 years. The factory will absorb 600 local workers.

Akmal added, if the building has been completed, this factory is claimed to be the largest fiber optic cable system factory in Southeast Asia. Because production has been done domestically, this factory will also help the country reduce foreign exchange expenditure.

60 percent of the company's products will also contain local components. "If so, TKDN components reach 60 percent," he said.

Up to Rp 200 Trillion Trans Java Toll Road In the same location, the Head of Central Java Economic Bureau Indra Surya added, many investors began to look at Central Java, one of which was the ease of access and ease in managing permits.

The Trans Java Toll Road which was inaugurated in late 2018 then increasingly convinced investors to invest in Central Java. "Thanks to the Trans Java toll road and district support, the pro-investment is a magnet for investors entering Central Java," Indra said.

The groundbreaking of the factory was carried out by the Central Java Governor represented by the Head of the Economic Bureau Indra Surya, Kendal Regent Mirna Annisa, representative of the Ministry of Industry Doddy Rahadi, accompanied by the head of the relevant company.