Thanks to the Trans-Java Toll Road, Central Java was Invaded by Investors

March 20, 2019

Mikhael Gewati - 20/03/2019, 11:26 WIB - The impact of the construction of the Trans-Java Toll Road has been felt by the Province of Central Java (Central Java). In addition to facilitating the flow of traffic, the toll road that President Joko Widodo inaugurated in December 2018 also had an impact on the increasing number of investments in Central Java.

Acting Head of Central Java One Provincial Investment and Service Office (DPMPTSP) Didik Subiyantoro said that there were already many prospective investors who would enter Central Java this year. Some investors even include large investors who will be able to accommodate thousands of employees.

"There are many who want to enter, there are shoe factories in Pemalang, in the Demak Industrial Area, Semarang, Kendal, Brebes, Tegal, and many others," he said when contacted Tuesday (03/19/2019) in Semarang.

As in his written statement, Didik explained, in addition to the conducive investment climate and strategic location, the existence of the Trans-Java Toll Road was the reason for new investors to invest in Central Java. He even had time to ask prospective investors in Pemalang about his choice to invest in Central Java.

"He said because of its strategic location, it is in the middle. So if you want to export, you can pass Jakarta, Surabaya and Semarang. The Trans-Java Toll Road also makes access easier and faster. This toll road has become an extraordinary attraction for investment growth. in Central Java, "he said.

In addition, various facilities for investing in Central Java are also reasons for investors to enter. Online one-stop licensing service at DPMPTSP is believed to be a magnet for investors entering Central Java.

"In addition, Central Java also has a team to accelerate the construction of industrial estates headed by the vice governor. Then there is the Task Force for the Acceleration of Business Implementation which oversees licensing and all that is needed by prospective investors," he said.

Didik explained, with the Trans-Java Toll Road and supported by integrated industrial zones, the conducive investment climate in Central Java will certainly grow rapidly.

"Last year, from the Rp. 47 trillion target, we could realize up to Rp. 59 trillion. This year the target is Rp. 56 trillion, and with the many prospective investors coming in, we are sure that the target will be fulfilled and able to exceed the target," he said.

Many new investors do indeed want to invest in Central Java. In the Kendal Industrial Estate (KIK), for example, this year there are dozens of new investors who will immediately realize their investments in that location.

PT KIK's Head of Sales & Marketing Juliani Kusumaningrum said, until February 2019 there were 51 tenants who would invest in KIK.

"The entry of new investors is inseparable from the positive impact of the construction of the Trans-Java Toll Road. The existence of the Trans-Java Toll Road has made new investors believe in the ease of logistics roads to Central Java," he said.

On another occasion, Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo said, his party indeed boosted the investment sector. In addition to obtaining facilities with the construction of the Trans-Java Toll Road, Ganjar has also prepared an accurate move to realize this year's investment target, namely an investment tour.

 "This year the number of projects we offer are 63 projects, consisting of 36 tourism sector projects, 8 in the agricultural sector, 4 in manufacturing, 7 in property, and there are 58 assets belonging to the Central Java Provincial Government from BUMN and BUMD," said Ganjar.

Ganjar explained, all of the investment projects were based on the Central Java (Krejateng) Economic Corridor, Trade, Investment and Tourism study which was administered by Bank Indonesia to the regency or city level in Central Java.

So, with the study capital, Ganjar is optimistic that this year's investment target can be achieved.