Kendal SEZ Generates Investment of IDR 43.8 Trillion and Absorbs 44,349 Workers

March 13, 2024

This joint venture area between PT Jababeka Tbk (KIJA) and Sembcorp Ltd is also recorded as having recorded a total investment realization of IDR 43.8 trillion with 99 business actors from 10 countries.

"The existence of KEK Kendal encourages the transformation of increasing workforce skills with various workforce training provisions that adapt to industrial needs in KEK Kendal," said Acting Secretary General of the KEK National Council, Susiwijono Moegiarso in Jakarta, yesterday.

Of the total workforce absorption, as many as 2,000 workers come from education levels that have not completed elementary school, completed elementary school, and completed junior high school in Kendal in 2022-2023.

Currently, the projected absorption of workers with vocational school education levels in the Kendal KEK is 44,499 people from 99 business actors.

Of the 33 business entities and business actors that are already operating, they have succeeded in absorbing 11,962 workers, of which 8,835 come from Kendal Regency, with a projected absorption from link & match activities of 7,823 workers.

Susiwijono assessed that the Kendal SEZ is a rapidly growing industrial area and has become one of the global investment destinations in Indonesia.

According to him, the need for skilled and competent human resources will increase to manage this economic area.

In order to meet these needs, several activities were carried out, including signing a memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the Governor of Central Java and the President Director of PT Kawasan Industri Kendal (KIK) as the Kendal KEK Development and Management Business Entity (BUPP), to the Cooperation Agreement (PKS) between the Central Java Provincial Education Office and 14 Business Actors in the Kendal KEK.

Apart from that, joint recruitment was also carried out and scholarships were handed over.

Meanwhile, General Administration Assistant to the Regional Secretary of Kendal Regency, Agus Dwi Lestari, said that this activity was a follow-up to the Link and Match Program which aims to optimize labor absorption in Kendal.


According to Agus, as a commitment to reducing unemployment, the Kendal Regency Government is collaborating with relevant stakeholders by carrying out work-ready relations, recruitment, and training programs in 2024.

Second, prepare skilled, competent, and competitive human resources through competency-based training.

Third, by collaborating and collaborating between the Kendal Regency Government, the Ministry of Industry, the Kendal KEK, and the sub-district/village level government.

“Universities have a comprehensive learning ecosystem, mastery of science and technology, and the potential for developing innovation. "However, outside of educational institutions there are industries that experience firsthand the practices that occur in the field," said Agus.

Apart from that, there is also an entrepreneurship, research, and development ecosystem which is a good source of learning for the younger generation, especially in vocational education.