KIP fire trucks responsive to help handle land fires in Kaliwungu

September 07, 2023

Thursday, September 7th, 2023, a fire truck and a water tanker belonging to the Kendal Industrial Park swiftly helped extinguish the fire during the land fire disaster that occurred in Kaliwungu District. The center of the fire itself was located outside the KIP area, precisely on empty land on Jl. Arteri Kendal is about 5 km from the main KIP gate.

The fire burning dry bushes on the empty land was seen at around 17:50. In a short time, the KIP Fire and Rescue Team together with the Kendal (Kaliwungu) Fire and Rescue Team worked together in the fire extinguishing process which lasted less than 1 hour. In total, there were 3 fire trucks deployed, as well as 1 water tank car belonging to KIP. There were no casualties in this incident, the fire was successfully extinguished.

The efforts made by the Kendal Industrial Area are a manifestation of KIP's Corporate Value, namely "Do It Care". KIP always strives to provide care and support to the surrounding community, especially the community around the area, especially in times of disaster like this.