Kendal Industrial Park Is Getting More Attractive, PLN Provides Reliable Electricity Up To 40 thousand kVA To Move The Regional Economy

October 03, 2022

Press Release No. 750.PR/STH.00.01/X/2022


Semarang, October 2, 2022- PT PLN (Persero) is ready to meet the electricity needs in the Kendal Industrial Park, Central Java. With a power supply of 40,000 kilo Volt Ampere (kVA), it is hoped that it can spur industrial activity in the region.


The fulfilment of this electricity demand was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between PLN and PT United Power, as the electricity manager for the Kendal Industrial Park.


General Manager of PLN Central Java and DI Yogyakarta Main Distribution Unit, M Irwansyah Putra said, this MoU is a form of cooperation between PLN and PT United Power to change power from the previous 20 kV medium voltage (TM) connection with a power of 17.3 MVA to high voltage (TT) 150 kV with a power of 40,000 kVA.


“Kendal Industrial Park is one of the fastest growing industrial areas in Central Java. As many as 78 tenants in the Kendal Industrial Estate have now entered, with a total contracted electric power of 36 MVA with KIK Kendal," said Irwansyah.


According to Irwansyah, the service of this 40,000 kVA connection will improve customer experience, especially for the Kendal Industrial Park and the tenants it manages.


Meanwhile, the Head of the Central Java Province ESDM Office, Sujarwanto Dwiatmoko, said that the fulfilment of the electricity supply from PLN could support the growth of the Kendal Industrial Park and could encourage more advanced economy.


"With the growth of the Kendal Industrial Park, it is hoped that in the future Central Java can become an increasingly strategic economy in Indonesia," said Sujarwanto.