Central Java, A Primadona for Investment

November 11, 2020

Semarang - Central Java has increasingly become an attractive destination for both domestic and foreign investments. This is due in large to the improving infrastructure built in the past few years in Central Java.

In 2018 up until now, the length of the road that has been built is more than 950,000 km. Ahmad Yani International Airport has also been upgraded with the capacity of passengers is up to 6.9 million which is 10 folds of the previous capacity prior to the upgrade. Moreover, the Central Java government will build the Hyper Toll connecting Kendal to Demak through Semarang as well as upgrade Kendal Seaport to Kendal International Seaport. These macro infrastructure will play a vital role in attracting investors to come in to Central Java as an alternative since logistic costs becomes competitive. 

Today, at Central Java Investment Business Forum, Kendal Industrial Park Special Economic Zone signed three MOUs with PT Roda Maju Bahagia, PT Borine Technology Indonesia and PT Indesso Aroma. PT Roda Maju Bahagia (RMB) manufactures bicycle and wheel barrow. They have established in Kendal Industrial Park (KIP) and now they decide to expand their business. Hendra, President Director of PT RMB says “Central Java government has a link and match program with vocational school and I can rest assure the quality of human resource for my next expansion”. 

PT Borine Technology Indonesia (BTI) is a home appliance manufacturer. They believe that ease of doing business in Central Java is one of the factors for their investment. Further, Yuan Qi as Director of PT BTI believes that quality and character of Central Java human resources makes it easier for foreign investor to start their businesses in Indonesia. 

Finally, Rakhmat Kentardi of PT Indesso Aroma (one of the leading essential oil companies) comments “we are pleased with the improvement of infrastructure in Central Java. This will definitely ease our logistics a lot.”

Stanley Ang, President Director of PT KIK summarizes, “we thank all our investors for their confidence in Kawasan Industri Kendal and In Central Java. We will like to express our appreciation for the continued support from the Central Java government”.