Public Transportation (BRT Jateng) is Now Serving Kendal Industrial Park

October 15, 2020

Kendal - BRT Trans Jateng has officially operated in the Kendal Industrial Park (KIP), on Thursday, October 15, 2020. This government-subsidized public transportation service is the result of cooperation between KIP, Central Java Provincial Government, and the Central Java Transportation Department. The inauguration ceremony was held in front of the KIP BRT Bus Stop, and was attended by Satrio Hidayat (Head of the Central Java Transportation Department), Stanley Ang (President Director of KIP), and representatives of KIP business entities.

BRT Semarang-Kendal Corridor (KIP line) serves passengers from two terminals, the Mangkang terminal in Semarang and the Bahurekso terminal in Kendal. From the two  terminal, the BRT would pass through some interesting landmarks, such as Semarang Zoo landmark from the Mangkang terminal, while from Bahurekso terminal, it will pass through Kendal Square before entering  KIP The operational schedule of BRT at the moment is only during the peak hours – one in the morning at 06.30 - 09.00 WIB and in the afternoon at 14.30 - 17.30 WIB. The Trans Central Java BRT concession fare is IDR 2,000 applies for students, labor and veterans. As for the general public, the rate is Rp. 4,000.

Currently there are 900 employees from KIP business entities who are already in operation plus 65 teachers and 300 students from the Polytechnic Furniture. Meanwhile, when all the  63 KIP’s business entities fully operate, there will be around  8,450 workers, and with a projection of 12,000 workers in 2021. With the service of BRT, it is aimed that workers and students will have alternative modes of transportation to the KIP. Currently, there are two bus stops at KIP. The first point is adjacent to the KIP gate entrance. The second point is adjacent to the Polytechnic Furniture. In this case, the Government will continue to review the passenger volume. It is possible to have additional routes in the future as the need for this mode of transportation increases.

Meanwhile, Satrio Hidayat, Head of the Central Java Transportation Agency, who officiates the BRT service, urged factory employees / workers at KIP to use this public transportation service.

“BRT rates is very affordable, and using BRT is much more practical.” Satrio Hidayat says. The President Director of KIK, Stanley Ang also appreciated the government's support to have the BRT service operating within KIP. Stanley encouraged all the business entities of KIP to socialize the BRT to their employees "To all business entities, please continue to inform your employees about this BRT service. as this will be a convenient and practical mode of transport for your employees.”. Dra. Tri Ernawati, M.Si, (Director of the Furniture industry Polytechnic) also revealed that the existence of BRT will reduce the use of private vehicles and motocycles  by employees and students at KIP, and can reduce traffic congestion inside and outside the KIP area.