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Macro Infrastructure

Semarang Outer Ring Road (SORR)

To build the road connected Semarang City with hinterland areas such as Kendal, the Semarang Municipal Government has cooperated with the Kendal Regency Government by signing an agreement. From Mangkang to the North Artery of Semarang City, it covers a land area of 421,500 metres, with 6,363 square metres in the Kendal Regency. To be completion on 2020.

Ahmad Yani International Airport

Ahmad Yani International Airport, 20 KM away from KIP. On June 17, 2014 groundbreaking was done to make the new terminal of a 58,652 square meter area to accommodate up to 6-7 million passengers. The new terminal will be the first floating terminal in Indonesia and also support eco-airport. To be completion on May 2018.

Tanjung Mas International Seaport

Tanjung Mas International Seaport, 25 KM away from KIP. In 2017, Tanjung Emas Port is also supported by equipment: Snug Ships, Pandu Ships, Kepil Ships, Warehouses, Field Stacking and Bongkat equipment, and services include: Ship Services, Goods Services, Terminal Services, Land Service, Building, Water and Electricity.

Highway Trans Jakarta - Surabaya

Batang – Semarang & Semarang - Demak section finished in 2018, from the entire Merak – Banyuwangi highway project, which will be completed on 2019.

Double Track Railway

Rail-based transport is already operating from Surabaya to Jakarta and vice versa. This service is prepared by PT. KAI Logistics. This freight trains can be used as a domestic distribution daily fixed arrival and departure schedule.

Semarang - Solo - Yogyakarta Highway

Semarang -Solo -Yogyakarta Toll Road is a part of Trans-Java toll road that connects Semarang, capital city of Central Java, Surakarta (Solo) and Yogyakarta via Bawen - Salatiga in Indonesia. It is operated by PT. Trans Marga Jateng, a subsidiary of state-owned toll road developer and operator PT Jasa Marga,Tbk. To be completion on 2019.

Kendal International Seaport

Through the state-owned en-terprise of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia III (Persero) the Kendal Port will developed to International Port with an investment of Rp 6,1 trillion. Start construction in 2019. Expection completion will be in 2020.

Micro Infrastructure

Power Plant

600 MVA (150KV/20KV Substation)

Water Supply (1st phase)

Initial Total 24.000 CMD

Waste Water System (1st phase)

Total 20.000 CMD

Drainage System

8-10m width discharge, 2,5m above floodlevel, retention pond 420.000m3

Road System

Internal asphalt road are conveniently connected and well maintained


With 1080 lines, IDD, Private Lease Line and Fiber Optic


24 Hour Security patrolling in the park

Landscape & Housekeeping

Maintenance & housekeeping of landscape and common utilities in the park

Gas Supply 

Pipping Network CNG 2017, LPG 2019, Natural Gas 2020

  • Minimum wages comparison with other area in Indonesia

    Kendal Minimum Wage :
    2018 : Rp 1,929,458 per month(US$ 144)
    2019 : Rp 2,084,393 per month(US$ 145)
    (Exchange rate used is US$1 : Rp. 14,465)

  • Minimum wage comparison with other countries

    Minimum wages/month comparison in USD in Nov 2017

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One-Stop Solutions

Kendal Industrial Park provides one-stop service for fast startup and hassle-free operations to ensure your business runs smoothly.