Targeted Industries

The competitive wages in Kendal Regency provide a compelling advantage for labour intensive industries. The following industries have found a niche in Semarang:

  • Wooden Furniture
    Semarang is well-known as a furniture hub in Indonesia, with abundant teak wood resources and specialised training schools for carpentry.

  • Garment & Textile, Shoe and Leather Products
    Garment and textile manufacturing is one of the key industries in Central Java, leveraging on the abundant and cost competitive labour force.

  • Food (agriculture, herbs, seafood) processing
    Food processing is one of the key industries in Central Java. This is largely due to the availability of fresh seafood and agricultural products in this region.

  • Consumer Care Products and Consumer Electronics
    A little known fact, but Semarang is also host to several foreign-owned enterprises operating labour intensive, high volume electronics factories.

  • Heavy Industries (mineral ores processing / smelting)
    Kendal Industrial Park’s waterfront access to the Java Sea provides for heavy industries like steel manufacturing. The availability of large land plots also allow tenants to scale up their operations. Tenants have to meet Kendal Industrial Park’s effluent discharge standards or install their own pre-treatment systems before discharging into Kendal Industrial Park’s central waste water treatment plant.

  • Chemical Products

  • Automotive Parts and Components