Economic Data

Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest economy, grew by around 5.3% in 2014, driven by strong investment and domestic consumption, making it one of the most attractive investment destinations.

Source: Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board

As for Central Java, its economic growth ranged from 5.5% to 6.0% per year over the last five years, which is in tandem with Indonesia’s GDP growth. Despite the economic crisis in 2009, it was able to attain a growth of 5.2%. In the second quarter of 2013, Central Java’s economy grew by 6.3% (year-on-year).

Annual Growth Rate of Central Java compared to Indonesia

Source: Bank Indonesia, 2015

• 2014 FDI into Central Java (by country)

Country of Origin Number of Projects Investment Value (US$ In Millions)
South Korea 24 4.34
Singapore 17 42.87
10 21.76
Taiwan 9
Hong Kong 6
China 2 1.22

• Central Java Export Data (by country)

Source: Central Java Investment Board

The Export data as of 2015, as reported by Statistical Board of Central Java (Country share of total export value)

Year 2015 (FOB Value in Million US$): US$2,946.75